Toddlers, pre-school children, school children.. At every age, the inhabitants of Lorient can grow up in the best possible conditions. For this reason, the town is very attentive to the quality of existing amenities and their future development. Coordination has given rise to numerous initiatives and innovative projects.

Children’s services

Pre-school children

Almost 2 000 children aged 0 to 3 yrs; almost 1000 crèche places ; a budget of €3.09 million for pre-school children… Lorient has opted to develop a wide range of childcare facilities: day care, family-run crèches, registered childminders, associations, etc.


Almost 5 000 children attend school every year in Lorient. The town has 23 nursery schools (16 public and 7 private) and 20 primary schools (13 public and 7 private). Each school corresponds to a catchment area. Children therefore go to the school they live closest to. Outside school hours, more than 100 facilitators, students and supply staff are employed by the Town to supervise children. In total, the council spends more than € 700 000 / year on school maintenance and renovation work. Sports and personal development activities are defined in a local education project. 


Open days, forums, information points, direct relations, project support, etc. Lorient facilitates the development of projects to meet the specific needs of a whole generation.
For information about professions and careers, school children can visit the CIO and the 16-25 year-olds not attending school can visit the Mission Locale. They have developed the concept of ”job cafés” for concrete help with job seeking. For other young people, the Youth information bureau can provide answers. Various support funds for young Lorient residents (from 16 to 29 years depending on the scheme) encourage projects and provide support for them.


Every year, almost 6 500 young people decide to further their education in the greater Lorient area.
Vocational training and careers The University of South Brittany (spread over the campuses of Lorient, Vannes and Pontivy) is continuing to grow and develop. A multidisciplinary university, it offers students a wide choice of courses in the humanities, law, management and the sciences. Thanks to the complete range of training offered, the University of South Brittany (UBS ) boasts excellent results: 85% of degree and professional masters’ students find a job corresponding to their training within 18 months of graduating from UBS. This ranking makes UBS one of the leading national establishments for employability.
University of South Brittany - Tel. +33 (0)2 97 87 66 66 - UBS web site (in french)

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