Sensible cohabitation

Sensible cohabitation

Operation quiet districts! With the exception of the major thoroughfares, speed in the town is limited to 30 kph. Within districts, the maximum authorized speed limit is 30 kph for all vehicles, thus allowing for sensible and peaceful cohabitation between all users. Meeting areas are limited to 20 kph and priority is given to pedestrians. Finally, green pathways promote the environment, cultural
heritage and quality of life. These separate pathways are reserved for non-motorized vehicles, pedestrians and horse-riders. They open the town up to discovery and encounters between inhabitants. Quiet escapades along hedge-lined byways that wander through the town are possible for walkers and cyclists looking for green shortcuts. Little hidden secrets just waiting to be discovered… in complete safety.

Cycling citizens

In this redesigned urban landscape, bicycles have their rightful place. Cyclists share the space with cars and public transport. In Lorient, the streets systematically include a cycle track or belong to strict traffic calming areas (limited to 20 or 30 kph). In order to promote bicycle use still further, the council has recently organized pedestrian and cycle avenues and is preparing a town-wide master plan. This will identify the changes needed to complete the cycle track network and any measures to be implemented. With bicycles for hire, it’s now even easier: the town has set up a bike-for-hire service (opening Spring 2012) offering bicycles for every need (town bicycles but also electric bikes or folding bikes.). Visit the shop and pedal away calmly !

Priority to public transport

Triskell is the name of the town’s public transport network, operated by Cap l’Orient, harmonizing the various ways of getting around town. The network enhances the urban landscape, promotes more environmentally-friendly methods of transport and strengthens social links across the borough. Pavements are well-lit and wider to encourage walking, safe and accessible for all. The Pont des
Indes spans the river Scorff, creating a new link between the town centre and its suburbs.

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