Health for all !

This is a major goal for the town of Lorient. The creation of the new Scorff hospital opening in 2013 and the mother and child facility
already in service, confirm this collective will to make health a priority. To look after the elderly and disabled in their own home, professionals are on-hand to meet every need, be it treatment, meals on wheels or home help. Elderly people who are dependent or losing their autonomy are an important consideration in this effort of solidarity. They can avail of a suitable structure or precious local
support. A medico-social network operated by the Community social welfare centre also helps people who are no longer in the health circuit to recover their rights and get the appropriate treatment.

South-Brittany hospital centre

The South-Brittany hospital centre (CHBS), said  "Hôpital du Scorff",  gathers all the medical specialties in one ultramodern site.
This new structure has an increased capacity of 707 beds. See web site (in french)

  • Standard : 02 97 06 90 90
  • Appointments : 02 97 06 97 06
  • Gynaecology-obstetrics department : 02 97 06 97 97

Accessibility and disability

For many years, Lorient has been sensitive to disabled issues. Its aim: to make the town accessible to all. Numerous initiatives have been recognized by the Association des Paralysés de France (APF). On the reverse of the general town map is the Handiplan. This map of the town centre, adapted for the visually impaired, lists the facilities accessible to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. More than ten years ago, the town council created an ”accessibility” committee that meets three times a year with associations and town services. Politicians, technical departments and associations worked together to draw up preferential routes in the town centre (more than 900 boats, access ramps, lifts, etc.). The hearing-impaired can avail of recordings on numerous amenities and have the possibility of listening to the town's website pages.

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