There are 200 hectares of municipal green areas, 23 parks and gardens in Lorient, 34 m² of greenery per inhabitant, 12 km of urban walkways punctuated with benches. The town maintains this green heritage in respect of the environment: differentiated management, preservation of biodiversity, weed charter, no use of chemical products...

Faouëdic walkway (1 ha)

A park beside the Grand Théâtre, continuing along the avenue, with huge trees recalling the East India Company.

L’Enclos du Port (2 ha)

French gardens located in the grounds of the arsenal, in front of the Hôtel Gabriel, an exhibition venue. The Jardin des Moulins that runs from the wooded hill at the foot of the tower La Découverte, gives a beautiful view over the bay of Lorient. The town of Lorient has equipped itself, thanks to the PLU (local town plan), with the means of developing its seaboard and 10 km of coastline.

Jules Ferry park (1.5 ha)

A wooded park, where regulars to the Lorient Interceltic Festival go, close to the town centre marina. This park completes its metamorphosis in 2018. 

La République walkway

Walkway lined with magnolias and palm trees leading to the quays.

Brizeux square (6 000 m²)

The oldest garden in Lorient was renovated during restructuration work to the buildings along the quai de Rohan, designed by the architect Roland Castro

Rio square (6 000 m²)

This square, stilled called the “Banane” square, is in the town centre, in front of a post-war building. This park contains a beautiful modern cascade.

Chevassu garden (2.5 ha)

A flower-filled and hilly animal park crossed by a stream, this garden holds a rich collection of shrubs and trees. The garden hides 5 beehives, honey from which delights  visitors during the bee festival in September.

Youri Gagarine garden - Lanveur (2 ha)

Close to the university, this park has huge lawns, a pond and a play area and is particularly appreciated by the students. Two copses of old oak trees have been preserved.

Venzu park - Kervénanec (3.8 w)

A symbol of the renovation of the town’s natural heritage, the Parc du Venzu serves as a green link between the district of Kervénanec and the Le Ter wood with its lake.

Anse du Ter walkway (Kermélo)

Pedestrian extension of the wooded paths along the Le Ter lake to the old Keroman submarine base.

Bourgneuf garden (1.5 ha)

Still known as the Quatre Jeudis garden, this local park with its many trees (willow and bog oak) surrounds a rainwater pool.

Bois du Château park (10 ha)

A 35-year old wooded park with huge lawns, tall trees, a swan lake and a play area. This park located at the northern limit to Lorient, overlooks the Scorff valley.

Walk along the Scorff

Between Bois-du-Château park and Indies bridge, nearly 2 kilometers of banks were rehabilitated with the will to create a space dedicated to the walkers and the leisures while ensuring an effective service for the hospital and by favoring the mix of users: bus, car, cyclists and pedestrians. Benches, lounge chairs, fitness trail, picnic table

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