Major events

Lorient Interceltic Festival

This annual event brings together more or less 700 000 visitors and hundreds of artists. As such, it is the largest festival in France. It is also one of the longest, as it lasts for ten days. Throughout the town, the ”official” Festival and the ”fringe” live together in perfect harmony. During the day, a few bagadoù slowly work their way through the town for fun and then compete seriously at the Palais des Congrès in the evening.
While professional dancers express their art under a big top, amateurs kick up an improvised gavotte… The crowd grows, the music swells. That’s the Festival !  More informations :

Other events

The music festival Les IndisciplinéEs

Since 2006, MAPL (Music of today in Lorient) has organized a festival in november Les IndisciplinéEs. It reflects current musical styles, from rock to pop via electro and World Music. As well as many concerts, an evening is devoted to young newcomers. More informations :

Christmas : Noël sous les étoiles

At Christmas, the streets light up with decorations designed and made by the inhabitants, shows bring the town centre to life, the big tent at place Alsace-Lorraine is open late… Surprises always await with the associations Idées Détournées and Lorient Compagnie des commerces.

Other cultural events  Photographic Encounters (october to decembre, every 2 years), the children’s’ book Fair (november) ,  national music festival (every 21 june), heritage open days (3rd weekend in september), artists workshops open days (weekend in

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